Microsoft Office Integration

Discover the convenience of integrating SafeGPT with Microsoft Office in this section of the guide.
Learn how to easily connect and utilize AI capabilities within your familiar Office tools.

Chat and Craft

After installing the Office Add-in, log in using your SafeGPT credentials or through Microsoft Azure, which syncs with your Office account. You might be requested to grant permission for the Add-in to access your Office environment. Make sure that you Accept to ensure functionality.

Output Mode

The “Chat”, “Replace”, and “Insert” buttons just below determine where the output (the result) of your interaction with the AI goes.

Manage Conversation

Pose questions or give instructions related to your document. The AI chat will utilize the context of your document and previous interactions for a coherent conversation.

Select and Chat

Utilize features like closing a conversation with the ‘Trash’ button, and choose how AI responses are integrated into your document with ‘Chat’, ‘Replace’, and ‘Insert’ options.

Compose Mode

The Compose function is a central feature of the SafeGPT Office Add-in, designed to assist users in generating content in a structured and user-friendly manner. Below, we explain how you can optimally utilize this function.

Instruction Field

The instruction field is the place where you can enter your specific request or task for the AI. Whether you want a summary, a translation, or an entirely new text, you can clearly state your instructions here.


With the formatting option, you can choose how the generated text should look. Here are the available formats:
  • Email: Generates the text in the form of an email message, complete with a greeting and closing.
  • Paragraph: Generates a well-structured paragraph, ideal for reports or articles.
  • List: Generates a list with bullet points or numbered points, perfect for presenting information in a concise format.
  • Memo: Generates an official note or announcement, often used in business settings.

Selecting Language

Using flag icons, you can choose the language in which the text should be generated. Currently supported languages are:
  • Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish, Ukrainian, Chinese

Writing Style

Depending on your target audience and context, you can choose from different writing styles:
  • Formal: Suitable for official documents, business correspondence or formal communication.
  • Professional: A business tone without excessive formality, ideal for business reports or presentations.
  • Neutral: A balanced tone that fits in most situations.
  • Informal: A relaxed and friendly tone, perfect for personal communication or social media messages.


Depending on your needs, you can choose the desired length of the generated text:
  • Short: Generates a concise version of the requested text.
  • Normal: Generates a text of average length, with a balance between details and conciseness.
  • Long: Generates an extensive text with a lot of details and information.

Good to Know

Start Easy

Begin with simple questions or tasks and gradually explore more complex features to understand the range and limitations of AI capabilities.

Stay Ethical

Always consider the moral implications of your queries and avoid using AI for harmful or unethical purposes.

Stay Lawful

Ensure that your usage complies with all relevant laws and regulations, and avoid requesting to AI for illegal activities.

Double Check

AI can make mistakes. Always verify the information and outcomes provided by AI.

Limited Knowledge

AI knowledge is not always up-to-date. Be aware that AI might not have the latest information or context.


Be mindful that the outcomes may contain biases. AI systems can reflect biases present in their training data.

SafeGPT Netherlands BV © 2024. All Rights Reserved. – SafeGPT

SafeGPT Netherlands BV © 2024. All Rights Reserved. – SafeGPT

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