Create standardized AI-generated messages

Custom Presets

Privacy Assured

SafeGPT performs no training or learning on the user’s input. Read our Assessment.

Input and Output Filter

Tailor your corporate AI interaction and define filters until they suit your needs!

ISO27001 certified

SafeGPT follows the international standard for information security.

Customizable Chat Settings

Uniform settings for your entire company

The Custom Preset feature for Chat offers a streamlined solution to standardize AI interactions across your organization. Define custom AI instructions, choose your preferred language and writing style, and integrate your own knowledge base to tailor the chat experience.

Additionally, you can apply your data sanitization policies to user inputs, maintaining privacy and compliance effortlessly. This feature is a powerful tool for ensuring uniform, secure, and effective AI-assisted communication company-wide.
Your custom text modifier

Your own AI functions

Our Custom Preset feature for Text Enhancement allows you to set specific AI instructions to transform your text according to your unique requirements. Whether you need to adapt the language level for accessibility, shift the narrative to a more active voice, or apply any other stylistic or structural changes, the possibilities are endless.
Office Integration

Custom Quick Actions

The Custom Presets feature for Office Integration brings streamlined efficiency directly into Word and Outlook. Designed for administrators, this tool allows the addition of custom buttons in the Office Add-in, enabling you to create Quick Actions tailored to your operational needs. With just a single click, translate entire Word documents to reflect your organization’s unique writing style, or generate context-specific answers in Outlook emails.

This feature not only simplifies your workflow but also ensures consistency with your corporate communication standards, saving time and enhancing productivity in your most-used Office applications.

SafeGPT Netherlands BV © 2024. All Rights Reserved. – SafeGPT

SafeGPT Netherlands BV © 2024. All Rights Reserved. – SafeGPT

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