Transforming Public Service Delivery with AI

Aldernmen van der Kooi, municipality Voorne aan Zee

When discussing artificial intelligence (AI), Robert van der Kooi, a aldernmen in the Netherlands, often encounters a mix of apprehension and intrigue. This reaction is common as AI stirs both fear and fascination. Van der Kooi emphasizes the inevitability of AI’s integration into daily life, noting its current presence in simple applications like spell check in word processors. His approach is proactive, aiming to leverage AI for the betterment of municipal services rather than playing catch-up later.

Pilot Program: AI Meets Office Automation

As the youngest municipality in the Netherlands, Voorne aan Zee is a prime candidate for pioneering new technologies. Van der Kooi sees the adoption of AI as a natural progression for the municipality, aligning with its culture of innovation and exploration. He compares this journey to navigating rapid waters in a canoe: maintaining momentum is crucial to stay afloat and navigate successfully.

Voorne aan Zee is currently piloting an AI tool integrated with Office applications. This tool aims to enhance communication with residents, ensuring clarity and simplicity, particularly at the B1 language level. The focus is on improving service delivery and office automation, using AI to support readability and understandability in official communications.

Data Privacy and Security

A key concern with AI integration is data privacy and security. Addressing these fears, Voorne aan Zee collaborates with SafeGPT, a company committed to secure AI applications. The pilot ensures that all information remains within the municipality, with no external data upload. This approach fosters trust and acceptance among both staff and citizens.

Van der Kooi's Vision for AI in Municipalities​

Van der Kooi acknowledges that each municipality’s journey with AI will be unique, reflecting its culture and systems. However, he advocates for cautious and secure AI adoption, encouraging municipalities to explore and understand AI’s potential benefits. His vision is to harness AI not just as a tool for specialists but as a technology that benefits everyone, especially at the grassroots level.

SafeGPT Netherlands BV © 2024. All Rights Reserved. – SafeGPT

SafeGPT Netherlands BV © 2024. All Rights Reserved. – SafeGPT

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