The Corporate AI choice

Safely increase productivity

Dedicated to meeting the sophisticated needs of corporate environments, SafeGPT offers enhanced AI solutions where precision and security are paramount

We make enterprise-grade AI tools customizable for your business needs

Secure AI Engagement without Data Compromise

While standard AI systems leverage input data to refine their models, SafeGPT acquires pre-trained models, ensuring you harness the power of the AI-engine securely and without compromising your data

In close cooperation with your business

Unlike generic AI platforms, SafeGPT is specifically designed to cater to the intricate demands and workflows of corporate environments. Our software is meticulously crafted for intuitive operation, ensuring seamless integration and user-friendly experiences.

Enhanced Security Protocols

Prioritizing data protection, SafeGPT adheres to the highest security standards, ensuring your business’s sensitive information remains safeguarded. To further cement our commitment to safety, we engage an independent auditor annually for a comprehensive ISO27001 evaluation.

Unwavering GDPR Compliancy

SafeGPT is meticulously designed to align with GDPR regulations, ensuring that data privacy and protection are not just met, but exceeded. With SafeGPT, you’re not only leveraging advanced AI but also ensuring a commitment to global data protection standards.

Ready to Transform Your Business with Advanced AI?

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SafeGPT Netherlands BV © 2024. All Rights Reserved. – SafeGPT

SafeGPT Netherlands BV © 2024. All Rights Reserved. – SafeGPT

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